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Thank you for your interest in Be Real’s BodyKind high school, body image curriculum and materials! In order to receive our free resource:


1.   You agree to watch the free, 70-minute professional development video provided on this website and take the 10-question quiz.

2.   You agree NOT to give the curriculum and materials–BodyKind Toolkit, Slides and Understanding Others‘ PDFs–to other people. Everyone who gets the curriculum and materials needs to be registered and go through our free, professional development training in order to teach the curriculum to fidelity.

3.  You agree to let us know via Google Form each time the curriculum is taught.

And, of course, Be Real’s curriculum and materials are for educational and informational purposes only. They are not a substitute for medical advice or psychological services.

BodyKind is a high school curriculum. It is not appropriate for younger students. Please do not modify the curriculum for younger students. We hope to have a middle school version for you soon!

By downloading Be Real’s curriculum and materials, you are agreeing to the above terms of use.

We hope you and your students will enjoy BodyKind high school, body image curriculum!

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